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A non-registered savings plan is for you if you have reached your RRSP and TFSA contribution limits and would like to continue to save for a project or for your retirement. You will enjoy a higher rate of return than with your bank account and have the opportunity to put money into investment funds. 

Benefits of Non Registered Accounts

  • Account holder must be at least 18 years of age.

  • No limitations on how much you can invest.

  • If you wish to make a leveraged investment the Interest an be deducted on the loan.

  • A realized capital losses can be used to offset realized capital gains. If there are no capital gains in the current year, then the losses can be carried back and applied against gains in the three previous taxation years or carried forward indefinitely and claimed against future capital gains. 

  • Individuals can hold a range of investments.

  • Capital gains realized inside OPEN plans are taxed at 50% of the account holder’s top marginal tax rate

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